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Air jetting machines, spraying machines

Ventilation hygiene inspection, HVAC air duct cleaning equipment

Air duct and vent cleaning equipment, industrial pipe cleaning machines

All Lifa brushing and machines can clean round and rectangular ducts. The machines have been developed by trial-and-error in the field during past 10 years globally and are therefore very durable and easy to service and maintain.

Lifa Hydmaster is by far the most powerful machine as it is hydraulically powered, yet operates on normal electricity.

There are also both electrical and/or compressed air powered machines both for big and small ducts. There are several accessories for each machine that enable best cleaning result, and operation of machines.

The reel for the flexible shaft is designed to wind the shaft back easily and to prevent the dirty shaft cover from coming into contact with floor during cleaning. The rotation direction can be changed using the pneumatic foot control. Changing the direction of rotation enables the user to navigate the brush through bends in ducts.

The criteria for selecting a cleaning machine suitable for a particular application are:

  • operating voltage
  • length of shaft/axle
  • size of duct
  • Torque and speed of rotation
  • user friendliness
  • maneuverability
  • safety
  • mobility
  • noise level
  • visual cleaning system
  • other special characteristics and accessories


New innovation from LIFA: 3-brush-gear for very low (10-20cm) but wide rectangular ducts

Set includes both soft and aggressive brushes = works in all kinds of ductwork

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